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Here is a list of other sites you may find useful. If anyone knows of other helpful websites, please don't hesitate to let me know!

Center For Online Addiction.....A variety of addiction tests

Stop Net Abusers, Inc.....Information on Internet Harrassers

Warning...Internet Can Be Habit Forming Chatters

US News.....How Personal Relationships Online Are Different

The Basic Psychological Features of E-Mail Communication

Fleeting Thrills?.....Or Cybersex Addiction

Cybersex Addiction Checklist

Acting Responsibly in the Face of Desire

Phony Cop Woos Women Online

Man Accused of Using Net to Lure Boys

Nevada Cops Seek Net Sex Victims

Online Sex Suspect Nabbed Again

Adult Woman Arrested For Sex with Boy

Couple Accused of Raping Girl They Met Online

Online Lover Accused of Scamming Women

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