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This website is intended to explore the concept of love and relationships on the internet.

From the privacy of home, we are able to log onto our computers and shop, work, bank, order pizza, find a new apartment, send email, and a variety of other tasks. Is it any wonder that we're taking this technology to an even more personal level to find a potential mate?

But is love online as safe as we'd like to think it is?

There are plenty of websites out there to help you find a potential online lover. There are countless cyber-dating services, chatrooms, ICQ groups, bulletin boards, etc. to explore. But there is an appalling lack of sites to expose the very genuine threats and dangers that can accompany the pursuit of online love.

This site is in its infancy. But with your help, it can grow to become a haven of advice for those lacking the skills and knowledge needed to protect themselves from the hazards that are lurking all over the web. Through your emails or guestbook signings, I intend to build an archive of useful information to share with others.

Did you find love online successfully? What strategies did you use to ensure your safety? Or did something sad or tragic happen to your online affair after meeting your lover?

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